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Depending on the health insurance company, premiums increase by several hundred francs a year and wages remain the same depending on the industry. What does that mean? Exactly they have the same wages, but much more expenses per year and therefore less money to live on.


An independent comparison or advice can save several hundred francs a month, depending on the situation.

Compare health insurance premiums 2020 now will find the right health insurance company with the best benefits at the best price, so that you are well insured in Switzerland, but also during your holidays abroad.

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"At first I was a bit skeptical, but afterwards I was very happy that I decided to make a comparison. The comparison enabled me to save a lot of money and I am now optimally insured."


Manuel B. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I received 3 offers in a very short time. I didn't choose the cheapest one, but the health insurance company that best suited me, because a good telephone service is important to me in the event of illness."

Anna W. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Frequently asked Questions

Until when can I cancel basic insurance or supplementary insurance?


You can cancel your basic insurance at any time by November 30 at the latest. You must cancel the supplementary insurance by 09/30. We recommend that you only cancel the health insurance after you have received the confirmation from the new health insurance so that you are not double insured. A cancellation should always be sent registered.

Which franchise would you recommend as a health insurance expert?


If you have to go to the doctor several times a year and receive a doctor's bill of over CHF 1,500, you should choose a low franchise of CHF 300. Those who rarely or never go to the doctor should choose the highest franchise from a health insurance company to save several hundred francs a year.

Can I change the franchise annually or am I bound for several years?


No matter what your state of health, you can change the franchise every year if you give notice. If you have a deep franchise and you have been healthy for several years, you can switch to the highest franchise. If you are often sick in a year and you notice that it is dragging on, you can switch from the highest franchise to the lowest, for example.

Is health insurance compulsory for people living in Switzerland?


The law in Switzerland stipulates that every person living in Switzerland must take out basic insurance with a health insurance company. Supplementary insurance is not mandatory, but certain supplementary insurance is very important so that it has optimal insurance protection in Switzerland and abroad.